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Quick Overview

Success Leaves Clues

Ask any Multi Millionaire - they all learned this stuff. The path to success, wealth & freedom is very similar for most high net worth individuals.

They all have millionaire mindset, business knowledge, marketing skills, selling skills, they get leverage with investing, and the smartest are also bio hacking and design their perfect lifestyle.

They say you need to be in the right spot at the right time & recognise opportunities that come your way - when was the last time a multi millionaire guy in his late 40’s offered to coach you for free as a bonus? Don’t let this pass you by.

This program will transform & evolve you into a higher value individual. Here’s just a small sample of what you are going to learn…

Millionaire Mindset

As much as 80% of success is your mindset & how you manage your emotions. You can’t build a million dollar + business or portfolio with a $100 mindset.
  • Identify & overcome blockages & beliefs that are holding you back
  • Learn how to master annoying negative thoughts (A.N.T.S)
  • Build the best version of you & engineer happiness
  • Understand your subconscious brain & give it the exacts it needs
  • Manifest success in your mind first then realise it with your actions


Business is the perfect vehicle to give you leverage in life for faster growth and more abundant financial resources, even if you identify as an Investor.
  • Choosing the right Business vehicle for maximum leverage & success
  • How Billionaires think & act differently from Millionaires
  • Master growth hacking for rapid exponential growth
  • Evolving as a CEO to effortlessly lead, inspire & profit
  • How to design the perfect business to suit your dream lifestyle


The more you learn about marketing the more money you make. Discover how to become a Rain Maker that can add value to & scale any business.
  • Recipe for success - the must have essential ingredients for growth
  • Systematic cost effective leads for maximum power & options
  • The 80/20 of Marketing Funnels - that bring in the most money
  • Lifechanging skill of Mastering Direct Response Marketing
  • Designing winning offers & mastering persuasion


Nothing happens until a sale is made. In life we are always selling - mastering closing is an essential skill that all successful people have in common.
  • Systematically close high ticket sales with no sales pressure
  • The exact sales script & system Greg used for $4m+ in phone sales
  • How to formulaically sell like a pro on Webinars
  • Trust based selling & overcoming objections effortlessly
  • The 3 main ways to grow sales in any business

Crypto & Investing

Investing perfectly compliments business for wealth creation leverage. We live in a very special point of time for asymmetrical gains from smart crypto plays.
  • The golden goose checkmate move to set up your retirement
  • The effect of fees & how this one thing could be killing your gains
  • Portfolio diversification for winning in all market climates
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum - everything you need to know to win long term
  • Bulls & Bears - What Greg wished he knew younger for exponential gains

Health & Longevity

All the success in the world means nothing if we lose our health. The latest science teaches smart entrepreneurs bio hacks to increase health & longevity
  • The 3 main supplements the worlds Billionaires take to live longer
  • The main reasons people can’t lose fat & what to do about it
  • The one tweak to make so you never have to diet again
  • How the most successful people on the planet use food as fuel
  • The exact steps we are taking to be healthier & live longer

eCommerce & Amazon

Selling physical products that people already want is one of the best ways to get product and platform leverage for creating additional revenue streams
  • Exactly how we did $1m in our first year on Amazon
  • Our Amazon best practices & strategies from more than $10m in sales
  • 12 proven ways to get more eCommerce customers
  • 6 techniques to get eCommerce customers spending more
  • High converting eCommerce design elements to maximise sales

Financial IQ

Sales & marketing only take you so far, then you need financial IQ to be able to play the game at a higher level. All high net worth people are strong in this area.
  • The 5 big levers for growing cash in your business & pocket
  • The one big thing we taught that drove more profit than everything else
  • What to look for & action to engineer your biggest pay days
  • How to engineer revenue into profit and profit into cash
  • Become higher value individual with what a CEO knows about financials

Lifestyle Design

Most people work hard and have very little control over when they work & where they work. What if you could engineer time, money and location freedom?
  • The complete entrepreneurs journey & identify your best next steps
  • Systematically how we work less & make more & you can too
  • The 80/20 and how to apply it to streamline your results & life
  • On track to greatness - how to build the best version of you
  • How Greg runs multiple companies & still surfs and rides everyday

Your Millionaire School Coach

Greg Cassar is a 47 year old self made multi-millionaire. He has made his money from marketing, sales, business and investing.
  • Spent more than $250k learning what he is teaching you here
  • Helped scale more than 300 businesses as founder, coach, partner or agency
  • Spent years learning in the highest level masterminds in the world
  • Ran a $30k per year sold out Mastermind for 6 1/2 years
  • Surfs everyday & lives the full lifestyle by design in tropical paradise

What Others Say About Working With Your Millionaire School Coach

“From Zero Revenue To $100k Per Month In Just 11 Months…”
Paul Glossop
Director – Pure Property Investments
“In Our First 12 Months Not Only Have We Doubled Our First Business But We’ve Started A Profitable 2nd Business As Well”
Colin And Loren Fragar
Director – Pure Property Investments
“Made Me Many Millions Of Dollars”
Working with my mentor Greg Cassar — Ideas and Strategies I’ve learned from Greg has
made me many millions of dollars. You don’t want to miss his training.
Andy Small
“So Many Skill Sets For One Person It’s Ridiculous”
Greg Cassar is an under the radar genius. He’s super technically competent and has been doing things behind the scenes for huge companies. He has so many skill sets for one person it’s ridiculous, but in particular web and traffic conversions is how I know Greg
James Schramko
“Over $10m In Sales With A 3 ROAS”
“Working and partnering with Greg on our Amazon & eCommerce businesses resulted in over $10m in sales together with a 3X ROAS. Strategy, Project Management, Team Management, Traffic & Conversion – Greg owns and executes on the lot”
Derek Locker
Locker Innovations
“Everyone Focuses On More Revenue, Greg Is Really Focused On More Profit… Especially In The ECommerce Space”
Russell Brunson
Co-Founder Of Click Funnels

“In Two Years Greg Tripled Our Business And Now We Have Tripled Again”
Craig Anderson
CEO & Founder – The Sunglass Fix

Get a Cute AF &
Get Millionaire School Free

Discover the Most Valuable Knowledge, Mindset & Skillset in the World - How the Rich Think, Act & Behave Differently For Success

Connect Wallet To
Access Millionaire School

Quick Overview